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Singapore has many iconic hawker dishes. With so many brands sprouting in this sunny island these days, it’s not difficult to find many of the classic on the menus of most local restaurants. However, to truly experience Singapore’s hawker culture, and I’m not talking about the exorbitant Newton Circus Food Market, you’ll have to dive deep into Singapore’s housing estates. Here are some dishes that you have to taste here in Singapore for they won’t be the same anywhere else.


Located in Singapore’s one and only Yishun, you’ll find a Laksa place that embodies the hawker culture we so desperately advertise. The store owner you’ll find here isn’t stingy nor greedy, charging less than SGD$5 for a bowl of this icon, it’s known to be ingredient rich and flavourful. No restaurant visit needed to taste such quality.


The address – 928 Yishun Laksa, 01-155, Yishun Central 1, Block 928, Singapore 760928


However, if you don’t fancy an hour’s journey just to savour this dish, most food places do offer it at your convenience. It must be said most restaurants serve a cleaner smoother mean Laksa if that’s your thing.

Chicken Rice.

When it comes to Chicken Rice, there is no doubt which eatery holds a firm place in my heart, Pow Sing Restaurant is the MVP. Serving a variety of dishes to compliment the star of the show, Pow Sing is truly an all rounder. Take a short trip down to Serangoon Gardens you’ll find a crowded restaurant during a typical meal hour. Chicken Rice is the staple food of Singaporeans so why not give it a whirl.


Location: Pow Sing Restaurant, 65 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555961


If you’re looking for a well dished genuine tasting yet convenient location for your experience, Chatterbox along Orchard Road is my frequent. Be sure to make a reservation or you’ll probably find yourself in a characteristic queue.


Chomp Chomp Food Centre.

If you’re looking for a congregation of the best asian BBQ dishes around, Chomp Chomp at Serangoon Gardens is the place to be. My usual dishes include Hokkien Mee, Sambal Stingray, Chicken Wings as well as Satay. And Chomp Chomp is where I find myself even after 21 years of taste testing around the island. It does introduce a smoky scent to your outfit so I wouldn’t advise you to put on your best, just put on something comfy and airy in preparation for our insane climate. Serangoon Gardens might be rly out of the way and a long way from town, but it’s well worth the travel. Just a 20 minute cab right.


Where: Chomp Chomp Food Centre, 20 Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557269


Be there after 5 in the evening yea

Bak Kut Teh

Singapore is home to many ‘must-try’ dishes but Bak Kut Teh, or BKT for short, is a regular on most foodie’s top 10 lists. BKT varies from place to place in terms of its’ taste, from peppery to herbal, BKT never fails to impress. Personally, the peppery BKT brings a little more to the table with a characteristically Singaporean spiciness.


Good news is BKT outlets have expanded beyond warm food markets or coffee shops, they are available in restaurants at an affordable rate accompanied by traditional standards. What more is there to ask for.


Check out some convenient locations here :




Singapore has developed a vibrant nightlife along with the affluence this city has come to be known for. Countless bars now line the endless streets ready to receive you no matter your preferred ambience. So here are a few bars and clubs we frequent, take it from us young men you won’t be disappointed.

Crossroads Bar.

Located conveniently near Boat Quay, Crossroads Bar is located within the well-known Swissotel. Coupled with it’s classy ambience, the innovation of the bartenders at Crossroads Bar truly make it a go to. Their effort to infuse a local flavour into their products have certainly not been in vain. A more iconic of the range is named aptly The Chinatown Rumble. It sports a blend of Tangy Mango with Tiger Beer topped off with nutmeg smoke. Tiger Beer, a local brand, if often seen enjoyed by the uncles of our island nation at coffee shops, many of whom can be spotted in Chinatown, hence the appropriation of the name. For a drink so rugged to be presented so elegantly with nutmeg smoke is truly a work of art to be savoured.


Location: Swissôtel Merchant Court. 20 Merchant Rd, Singapore 178882. +65 6239 1848.

Daily 9am-midnight.

Stickies Bar

If you don’t want to see the pretentious affluent and often overpriced Singapore, head down to Stickies Bar just a short stroll away from Clarke Quay MRT. This is where the young and misguided drown in alcohol before heading for the clubs. Here you’ll be able the experience genuine individuals drunk beyond belief but friendlier than ever. This is my favourite part of Clarke Quay, this is where I think you’ll be convinced you wanna live in this little red dot.


Oh it also helps that their drinks are affordably priced with their latest promotion of $1 Soju shots. So head down to Stickies when you can!!


At: 11 Keng Cheow Street, #01-10 Riverside Plaza, Singapore 059608, 12pm-12am daily

Bar Canary

A bar like none other. It’s not easy to find an affordable bar along Orchard Road let alone one that brings you the ever attractive rooftop bar. Located on the fourth floor of the designer Grand Park Orchard, Bar Canary brings you to the life of the exclusive. Their menu brings you some one of a kind drinks at pretty reasonable prices. With their latest Happy Hour promotions, starting at just $66 per package you can mix and match 8 drinks of your choice. They’re also offering what they call Boozy Pops, these are popsicles dunked in cocktails of unique flavours designed by Bar Canary. Being one of a kind all round, I’d say this is a bar to be.





This segment can’t possibly encompass all you can do in Singapore because there’s really too much to experience and too little time. Instead of droning on and on about the endless attractions you can visit, I’ll just go ahead and hand pick a few attractions you can visit over the course of a single day starting bright and early at like 9 in the morning.

Gardens By The Bay

I’ll kick of the day with a visit to Gardens By The Bay, which is literally what the name suggests it is. An early morning walk after your breakfast buffet at the hotel can really do you wonders. The attraction sports more than just open air greenery but two air conditioned domes for when it gets way too warm. Namely Cloud Forests and The Flower Dome, these attractions permits you to bathe in the horrid Singapore sun without the sweat. Stroll through these domes, taking in the sites and smell of the plants of our tropics in the cool air mimicking spring. It’s truly a dream. Beyond that, Cloud Forest brings you to greater heights with it’s sky bridge where you get to experience walking close to a misty waterfall, at this point the Singapore heat is all you need for you’ll be freezing.


It must be said this experience doesn’t come cheap with adult tickets priced at SGD$28 and child tickets going for SGD$15 but I’ll tell you it’s worth every penny.

Orchard Road


In the afternoon when the sun is blazing, I’d imagine it’s wise to take a trip to Singapore’s shopping street, the all famous Orchard Road. With globally renowned brands littering this icon, everybody gets to live a little and look good after an afternoon of shopping. Many brands sport discounts every now and then making it always discount season. Head on down to our shopping promos tab to have a read on Singapore’s latest shopping promotions. Furthermore, most of Singapore’s best eateries and restaurants reside on Orchard Road, from local dishes at the food court and Bakkwa in the food hall at Ngee Ann City to traditional quality Japanese food at Wisma Atrium, I promise you won’t be disappointed. So my advice would be to spend half your afternoon in Orchard and soak in the uniquely Singaporean city dweller lifestyle before heading on back to Marina Bay.

Singapore Flyer

Once you’re done with the pushing and squeezing Orchard promises, I’d say it’s time to head back to classy Marina Bay for the evening. With attractions such as the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay would not prove to disappoint. A ride on the flyer would take approximately 30 mins, during which time you would be treated to a view of Singapore’s harbour along with a view of our Marina city skyline. Both of which beyond compare. After the ride, I like to take a stroll down to the Formula 1 pit building. For most of the year, the pit building isn’t utilised for many exciting things but getting to walk down the pit straight where the Formula 1 beasts run, for free no less, is definitely an experience worth having.


Opening Hours: Daily from 8.30am to 10.30pm The Singapore Flyer

A stroll round Marina Bay

Marina Bay is probably one of the most pleasant places in Singapore for a stroll. After dinner around the area, it’s always nice to have a coffee, or a drink, around OneFullerton where numerous bars, restaurants and a Starbucks is located. As the night winds down, I would stroll towards Marina Bay Sands through the Floating Platform where we have celebrated Singapore on so many times. The gentle breeze from the large surface area the river has compliments the stroll. However do be warned it does get really unbearably warm at times. Once at MBS, the performances carried as well as the saturday light shows in the area never fail to disappoint. And this is how I would end a pleasant day of travelling in Singapore.