The Custom Bites – Entertainment while stuck at home

  • A Cookie customisation specialist centre, The Custom Bites offers “unique edible cookies and gifts for all occasions”.
  • Beyond cookies, The Custom Bites does Macarons, cupcakes and other desserts as well.
  • Most importantly, they provide cookie customisation packs for you to design your own cookies, boredom begone!
  • What’s in the box? 
  1. Step-by-step instructions to get started
  2. Set of 9 petite undecorated sugar cookies in easter bunny (5pcs) and petite hearts (4pcs)
  3. Choice of 2 royal icing colours
  4. Colourful sprinkles to embellish
  5. Eco-friendly bamboo scribe tool (to burst those air bubbles!)
  6. A pair of disposable gloves
  7. TCB signature petite kraft gift box with box fillers
  • These packs are available for delivery and available at just a discounted $28!

Check the following site out for more information: