Take A Bite Singapore X Tiger Dot Bubble Tea – For your bubbly needs

  • The new measures have Singaporeans scrambling to find their BBtea alternatives
  • Fret not, Take A Bite Singapore is now working with Tiger Dot to provide you some relief
  • From 11AM till 10PM daily, Take A Bite is delivering these gorgeous beverages 

Minimum order: $10

Delivery fee: $5 (Free for orders above $20)

  • Some of their best sellers include: White Rabbit Drinks, Brown Sugar Boba Creme Brulee, Fried Oreo, Thai Milk Tea and of course the Classic Pearl Milk Tea 

(Includes Take A Bite Singapore’s own products)

  • Pre-order today!

Check the following site out for more information: https://www.facebook.com/takeabitesg/