Maison 21G – Perfume customisation from home

Book a session with Maison 21G to conduct your perfume customisation from home At just $200 per person with 2 full-sized bottles of perfume, Maison 21G is really pulling out all the stops For an additional $1000, have the founder of Maison 21G in your home, guiding your experience! Book your experience today! Check the following site out for more information:...

Selects Singapore – Free Delivery

For orders above $180, enjoy free delivery courtesy of Selects Singapore Quality alcohol delivered to your doorstep for free?? There IS a silver lining to this Circuit Breaker lifestyle  Get your poison for Selects Singapore’s curated alcoholic menu today!   Check the following site out for more information:

Selects Singapore – Your alcohol needs, curated

Who knew Singapore had Gin distilleries  Now you know and now too know how to support these rare gems For just $250, enjoy a #SGUNITED Gin pack of three, true-blue product of Singapore These distilleries are independently run and would appreciate your support! Check the following site out for more information:

Axel Arigato – Free worldwide shipping for a limited time !

With free worldwide shipping for such designer goods, it’s hard to believe much more has to be said Their iconic sneakers such as the Clean 90 certainly complete any wardrobe  This promotion has not been given a specified end date    Check the following site out for more information:

HOMELESSPENTHOUSE – More than just common

If you’re looking for quality pieces to revamp your place, this is the site to find fresh drops From pieces for the bath to gorgeous looking bed sheets, Homelesspenthouse has you covered Designer art pieces are available as well from Supreme to Patagonia pieces  Check the following site out for more information:

WOAW – Hong Kong’s designer products

From BearBricks to stylish cushions, bring your interior design to the next level Uniquely designed cushions by Ben Frost is now available for purchase both in-store and online.  Shop WOAW today! Check the following site out for more information:

Smoke and Mirrors bar Singapore

Located on top of Singapore’s National Gallery, Smoke and Mirrors provides more than just a classy locale for a weekend’s night out An uninterrupted view of the Marina Bay skyline greets you and your guests with Smoke and Mirrors A classy ambience, this is the location to impress your date  The perfect bar to make a regular spot  Smoke and Mirrors promises drinks that are “more than...

Whiskey Exchange – Whiskey for your valentine

WHISKEY LOVERS the page for you is here! Providing a wide range of whiskies, Whiskey Exchange even does gift suggestions by their seasons! This valentine’s day, hunt for the perfect gift through Whiskey exchange’s gift sets! Gifts are classified by their pricing at your convenience with personal engraving services available on purchase  My favourite tool Whiskey Exchange offers is the...

TWG – Lunar New Year exclusive teas

While the Lunar New Year’s now all but a thing of the past, TWG’s Chinese oriented products can be savoured in any season TWG launched a range of Chinese teas from the classic Pu-Erh to a more adventurous product known as the “Secret Tea Tin Eight” The classic Pu-Erh is a comfortable blend of flavours from hints of a floral aroma to hidden notes of wild-berries.  Fret not, it’s...

Elago Singapore – Airpods more secure than ever

Elago has been a trusted brand for Apple device accessories Today, Elago has taken an innovative leap with their Apple Airpods Secure Fit Without having two purchase a brand new Airpods Pro, these Secure Fit sleeves ensure your airpods fit you and meet your functional needs as an Airpod Pro would. (or as close to it as possible, it’s subjective you be the judge and let us know!) IF you’ve...